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Official site of the westchester county new yourk band Old table. they stink.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Animal Trilogy CD is OUT!

Hi all (2 of you),

The Old table Animal Trilogy of 20 minute tapes is out now on CD, digitally remastered from the original source material by GW Duncanson of Gingersound Studios!
It's just shy of 70 minutes and has 26 tracks (don't be intimidated it's a trilogy, you dont have to listen to it all of it at once at first if you don't want to).

If you missed out on any or all of the tapes the first time around or just want these soon to be classic westchester county music recordings send (only!) $5 to:

Intellectual Bird Records
67 Highview AVE
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

or email me at Oldtable@gmail.com if you live in the lower New York area and we'll set up a secret meeting ::wink wink::

Track listing:

Part I: Mental Horse

1. Obviously Art
2. “It made me a believer” –actual quote
3. Garbaage
4. Doin’ Drugs
5. Mental Horse
6. Singalong garbaage
7. Accordion Mechanic
8. Don’t even think (much less twice)

Part II : The Bear

9. Sexual Anxiety
10. Look what you do to me
11. Feral Hog pt.1
12. portrait of bear
13. Youze a Snake !
14. bear hug
15. Crack Owl
16. Feral Hog part 2
17. Whacha want
18. Annihilate Knee-high lists
19. Trumpet time

Part III : Spiteful Crow

20. Pythagoras
21. Ode
22. Late July Alien’s Blood
23. spec of sand
24. Flight of the spiteful crow
25. Sailing song
26. Eskimo song

Sunday, October 16, 2005

lazy update

Ot is done with the last tape, spiteful crow, and a cd is coming out with all of them on it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Old table's 2nd tape: The Bear

"The Bear", old tables 2nd tape and part II of the "Animal Triology" is extremly close to completion and will be out very soon. We also might be playing a show at the end of january at "sine-e" in manhattan but this Georgia band is being very shady right now... oh well, here's some advance praise for "The Bear":

  • "its amazing o man bearific" - Dave genuine of the Genuine Imitations -----------------------------------"...Unclassifyable... you should send that thing to Zorn's lunatic division man." -Dr. Goodyear of WCC -----------"An AWESOME doozy."- Amy Beth Isenbarf-----------"hahah" Cathrine Ahn (on hearing "Trumpet time" track 11 on "the bear") ---------------------"i hear 'The Bear' is going to be awsome. im as excited as brian yankou is "- Ben Pasternack (while this isn't exactly a first hand account of the music contained within the forthcoming tape, anyone can plainly see the boy's overt excitement and reference to brian yankou's excitement also, come on, aren't you excited yet???)----------------------------------OLD tABLE's: THE BEAR, coming soon on intellectual bird records. ibr#2 -----copyright 2005.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

lever bate than netter

Hi guys. Willie T. played a solo set at skylers garage in rye and then the whole band just played at Emma's and Katies house in Pleasantville they were both short notice so i'm SORRY OK?!? can't a website maintaner make a mistake??? Jeez you dont have to be such a jerk about it... ....man... House shows we're so DIY. "I'll play any house that MOVES!" seriously if you'd like us to play your basement or whatever we'll do it unless your norman bates. Ok until next time i'll remain... an anonymous representitive of Intellectual Bird records.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Hey everyone (anyone?), Old t. is playing a show this saturday, the 19th somewhere. Yes very helpful i know. But our friends and brothers for some, No One and the Somebodies are playing as well so hopefully if you go to their site www.noats.com they'll have better info, if that doesn't work try out www.bcrecs.com if the show isn't there you'll still be able to check out updates on some sweet bands from westchester. In other news i don't know how to start a new paragraph.

Friday, December 24, 2004


We're playing our first show in 5 months! 2nd show total! wow that doesn't seem as cool as i think it is. anyway the shows are at William Table's house on Friday the 14th of january 7:00pm near the crestwood train station on the tuckahoe side email me for the hardcore directions if you dont know where dey at already willbs2000@aol.com we're playing with the commas are tricky, A. Busone, "Bolshevik" Nick T., and hopefully Brida B. if she ever gets back to me about it. i didnt post it on my space because i know only the serious fans come to this site and my space makes me feel dirty. We're also playing at the cave in long island city with the vibration on January 28th that should be sweet. If your still reading this, thanks. if your thinking to yourself why the heck is this jerk thanking me then you can take the thanks back but you dont have to, im just putting it out there, the thanks i mean.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


3 tracks from last year's smash (with 20 people, thanks friends!) "Mental Horse" tape are on purevolume.com/oldtable O.t. is recording now and hopefully more than 20 people will hear us in the near future.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

O.t. news: the first post

Old table is here after a year of anticipation we (I) are (am) anticipating playing on a semi-regular to regular basis. this is the first post on this new (disappointing) website!